Rich Barnes of Embrace Home Loans; The closing went smoothly!

Posted 03/21/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest Hi Rich (Rich Barnes of Embrace Home Loans),  The closing went smoothly. I'm not vacation until 28th of March. My son is home and he's here until the 28th to spend time with family and friends before he gets deployed to Afghanistan in April. Please include him in your prayers.  Thank you also this both our effort..!!! I think it's meant to happen because I gave up on refinancing my home prior to your offer because the offer I received doesn't seem to be on my favor. I told myself I'll wait for six months or a year to fix my credit first but then after a month or two I got a call from you. I wasn't looking for a new lender but you came. I prayed hard to God and I told him to give me a sign if I should go through with this offer; a sign that I can understand and this is the email I received that following morning. This message and your story is not a coincidence. I believed it meant to cross our path in his term, and in his time.  Thank you, Rich! Good luck to you and to your family. I'm just keyboard away if you need anything....!!!! :) Flordeliza Foster  

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