Refreshing Change

Posted 03/23/2011 by Anonymous


I Attended my first annual meeting here at  Embrace Home Loans this morning.

Now granted, it's still early. I'm still in the honeymoon phase. And, I  know, being an optimist by nature, combined with my newbie status,  I'm prone to thirst for the Kool-aid, but - I've got to say that I left the Hyatt conference room refreshed.

Images 2Why, because of the shared vision, the hard-work, the spirit of camaraderie. It was clear that the guiding principles of practicing the highest ethical conduct, encouraging and rewarding initiative, and professional and personal development, are clearly core values, not after thoughts.

These principles were reflected in the recognition of President Kurt Noyce, by CEO, Dennis Hardiman for his 20 years of service. In a brief speech, Dennis spoke to Kurt's character. How his compassion and humility, not just his business acumen, have made the organization a success. Echoing the well wishes and genuine thanks by his co-workers in a commemorative video.

After a lengthy standing ovation, and a very short simple thanks - Kurt went on to recognize 2010's Teammates of the Year and present the annual President's Award. He did so using the metaphor of the international effort last year to free 33 Chilean miners. And, while on the face of it, it might sound like a stretch, the pacing and rhythm of the narrative, the segues between the challenges faced by the 33 and the teams working to save them, and last year's business challenges worked. Bottom line, it was the collaboration, and innovation that were such an integral part of both stories.







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