Poke the packaging

Posted 03/24/2011 by Anonymous

Plant based bottle
Seth Godin recently published a book via The Domino Project called "Poke the Box". The premise is that to move forward you have to poke the box, try new things, start and ship instead of sitting on your hands. Recently I have come across several companies working on new packaging that is more environmentally friendly. To me this is a perfect application on the book. Companies like PepsiCo are working on plastic bottles that are plant based versus the tradational petroleum.
030911 laundry
Seventh Generation just launched a new bottle made up of 100% recycled cardboard and newspaper and is lined with a plastic bag to hold the liquid and keep the packaging dry.  This reduces the plastic composition by 66%. I suspect the Seventh Generation employee who recommended trying a cardboard bottle that ships liquid was looked by many as crazy.  But he shared the idea and the product is shipping. What are you doing to EmbraceChange within your own organization?

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