Georges Al-Halabi, Embrace Home Loans Miami; continued to fight for us!

Posted 03/04/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest Dear Mr. Swindle, Embrace Home Loans Miami Florida Branch Manager; I would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of an outstanding broker who works for you, Georges Al-Halabi, who I have had the pleasure to have worked with for the past twelve months.  I cannot say enough good things about Georges and the excellent job he has done representing us throughout this past year.  We have been working with Georges for over a year now and were unfortunately caught up in the freeze on all the foreclosure properties.  Georges has been a complete professional throughout this difficult past year and he has gone far beyond what I could have even hoped for from a broker.  I truly do not believe any other broker would have been able to have closed our loan other then Georges.  He has come out personally to look at property that we were interested in and even wisely advised us to avoid a property that were interested in, knowing that the purchase of the property would not have been in our best interest.  After we had signed off on our contract with the bank to purchase our property, Georges continued to fight for us and was able to secure us a two percent contribution from the seller.  It is this service that I have received from Georges over the past year that has me recommending everyone I talk to who is interested in buying a property to give Georges a call.  I am glad that after a year of delays that I am finally going to close on our new house, but it is with a bit of sadness that the friendship that I have developed with Georges over this past year is coming to an end. Joseph Mullin

Georges Halabi  Senior Loan Officer
Georges Halabi Senior Loan Officer NMLS# e. t. 800-333-3300 ext. 3336 Miami , 11440 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 405, Miami, FL 33716

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