Embrace Orange

Posted 03/18/2011 by Anonymous

Embrace LogoI remember reading a few years back that orange was the new "black."  I felt vindicated, elated even -  finally a color relegated to fall, synonymous, was hip. I no longer had to hide my love of orange - a word I admired for it's refusal to rhyme with any other. Now, there was the tangerine iMac

(yes, I had one) and the Honda Element (still have one), not just candy corn (I try to avoid it) and the ocassional cable knit sweater (no. I never had one.) Now, there were cool things that came in my favorite color, that I could wear, that I would protect my phone, that I could even paint my living room with - yes, I did! Now I don't want you to think that I took a job with a company just because of the color of their logo. These are serious times, and Embrace Home Loans is a serious companyhelping serious people make the most out of what is the biggest purchase we will ever make. No, I chose Embrace Home Loans because of its continued success and growth even during the worst recession since the 1930's,  because of the positive feedback from so many customers at a time when mistrust of any financial service institutions is so great, and because of the  friendly environment that has made Embrace the "best place to work" in Rhode Island and one of the top 25 best places to work in the US over the past decade. So for me, the orange logo was just icing on the cake. Keep an eye on Embrace Orange to learn about the Embrace Home loan mission and vision from the inside.

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