Glen Macnie at Embrace Home Loan; "...recommend the company to anyone needing the same kind of help...

Posted 01/26/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest I knew I had to do something about my high mortgage rate and the high credit card interest I was paying on amounts I had borrowed to start a small business.  I received Embrace Home Loan’s brochure in the mail along with several other companies.  The entire prospect of starting through the whole process of refinancing and paying off those credit cards was mind-boggling, and I sat on the brochures for at least two weeks without taking any action.  I noticed the deadline for Embrace Home Loan’s offer was the next day, so I hesitantly picked up the phone and called.  The person to whom I was directed was Glen Macnie at Embrace Home Loan.  From the moment I began to explain to him my situation and what I wanted to achieve, I felt a lot more comfortable and at ease with the entire process.  I am such a novice with such matters and I know I asked many “dumb” questions, but all through the proceedings, Glen never made me feel as if any of my questions were “dumb”.  Many times he would say “Good question” and even if it weren’t, he wouldn’t let on and would proceed to answer it in a slow and understandable manner.  I must say that the entire process was not nearly as frightening and time-consuming as I had thought it would be, and that was because of Glen’s help and guidance.  I have been very pleased with Embrace Home Loans’s service and would recommend the company to anyone needing the same kind of help that I did. Rudy M., Lewisburg, PA

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