Sustainability in the Manufacturing Process

Posted 02/02/2011 by Anonymous

Setu Chair
There was a time when the words well designed products and sustainability were rarely ever used in the same sentence.  Many companies are now re-evalutating their design practice and creating amazing products that are friendlier to the environment. Herman-Miller has been doing just this with the Setu Chair and was just awarded the Best Sustainable Design Solution for this product. According to the manufactures web site Setu chairs:
“Setu chairs are manufactured using 100 percent green electrical energy—half from wind and half from captured landfill off-gassing. And the production produces no air or water emissions. The chair weighs only 18 pounds. The durable uncoated H-Alloy aluminum base is naturally anti-corrosive and requires no harmful toxins. Made with 42 percent recycled materials, Setu chairs are 93 percent recyclable.” What are you or your company doing to incorporate sustainability into your process?

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