Heather Hunter, Embrace Home Loans Branch Manager

Posted 02/18/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All “Customers” as Our Guest I had to write and tell you how wonderful Yves Jean has been to us in helping get our branch IT problems resolved. Every time we call him or email him, he is right there ready to help.  Peter Wald has also been so wonderful in helping explain to us how I need to submit bills and take care of ordering. He always answers his emails or phone when I call and such a delight to talk to. We really want to do everything the right way but are having to learn by trial and error and I know this can be frustrating on corporate’s end.   I feel like society is always quick to complain, but rarely take the time to write about something good. I just wanted to take time to let you know how much I appreciate them. Thank you so much. Heather Hunter, Embrace Home Loans Branch Manager Calhoun, GA Office

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