Alternative Power

Posted 02/02/2011 by Anonymous

Wind PowerEmbrace Home Loans is located in Newport Rhode Island on an island called Aquidneck Island.  We are fortunate to have 2 large wind turbines in this small location.  Alternative energy created by wind has been growing in acceptance over the last decade in the United States. Massachusetts has been approved to bring the Cape Wind project to fruition after more then a decade of battling with locals, politicians and general negative sentiment. Rhode Island has several projects in the works to bring wind power to the state. Deepwater Wind will be setting up 8 turbines off of Block Island.  A second project is called the Deepwater Wind Energy Center was originally going to setup 100 turbines and has now been doubled  to 200. wind turbines in the Rhode Island Sound.  This wind farm will be located 18 miles offshore and when fully operational will have the ability to generate power for 350,000 homes.

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