5 Affordable Home Makeover Ideas

Posted 02/10/2011 by Anonymous

Unless you’re expecting a visit from Ty Pennington and thousands of volunteers, you’re probably not in line for the home makeover of your dreams. But that doesn’t mean you can’t makeover your own house—and do it on a budget. Here are five inexpensive ideas that will give your house an instant face-lift: 1. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way – It’s true. A can of paint or two can cover over a multitude of imperfections. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective way to spruce up your house on a budget. Just be sure to pick fresh, bright colors that make the room appear bigger and more wide open. 2. Remove the clutter – It doesn’t sound like much, but putting those rarely-used toys and electronics into storage can instantly open up a space. If you have a home office, put loose papers and files in drawers. Lots of books lying around? Donate them to charity. Less clutter means more space and more peace in the house. 3. Rearrange the furniture – Another simple way to change things up and give the appearance of an expensive home makeover is to rearrange the furniture in your house. Move the TV to a different wall or corner. Swap the sofa with the recliner. Again, it doesn’t sound like much but it’s an easy way to make your home feel fresher. 4. Hang some inexpensive artwork – Just because you bought the reprint at a flea market for five bucks, doesn’t mean visitors and house guests have to know. Get creative with some paint and an inexpensive frame and voila—that bare wall is transformed into a mini gallery. Framed artwork helps bring some visual appeal to an otherwise drab space. 5. Add some accent pieces – Sometimes, even the slightest splash of color can transform a room. Try mixing in some fun fabric on those accent pillows on the couch. Or maybe even a funky lamp shade or a unique flower vase. You’ll quickly find that, with some creativity, you can give the rooms in your house a whole new look—without breaking the bank.

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