Larry Bruner of Embrace Home Loans; "I believed again in becoming a home owner."

Posted 08/27/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest As I sent my 1st mortgage payment, I know all this was possible thanks to you - Larry Bruner of Embrace Home Loans. I would like to say: “Thank you for taking the time to take into consideration my application, for all the advice and your tremendous hard work on my application.”  Let me actually tell you how good of a loan Officer you are: My first time meeting you, you reset hope in me to the point where I believed again in becoming a home owner. I was very close to giving up on this dream because of many disappointments, and the extreme stress and pressure. I am sure that you saw a hopeless guy that day, but you were very charismatic and very professional.  After the meeting I felt different about the mortgage application. Your magic then begun with all the Email, advice, and the follow up. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent coaching and starting at 5.375% and closed at 4.75% was a job well done - I really appreciate your hard work on that.  Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.  Concerning my employer, I spoke with a couple of people and believe that it will be a good idea to use your charisma and meet with the HR and see what happen from there on a employee referral program. Koffi Montcho - Daytona, FL

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