Great News! Chemotherapy treatments are working!

Posted 04/22/2011 by Anonymous

Operate Embrace as a family that cares and is Generous toward our neighbor I wanted to reach out to all of my friends, co-workers and extended family here at Embrace Home Loans that graciously contributed their time-off and money earlier this year to assist my family given my wife’s re-diagnosis of breast cancer. This has been a very trying time for Lori, myself and our children Holden and Eva. She was re-diagnosed right before the holidays with the most aggressive form of terminal Stage 4 metastic breast cancer. The diagnosis was grim; that even with treatments, she may only have 1-3 years with us. She had to stop work almost immediately to begin her 2nd journey of chemo therapy treatments. She is a fighter and a warrior, but it is hard to prepare to undergo this journey that we had no choice but to stand up and fight against it. But we quickly realized that we were not alone in our family’s journey; that we had a whole community standing right beside us and supporting us in our time of need. Some of you we know. Some of you we would love to get to know. Some of you we may never have the chance to know, but you are all now our friends and angels of our family. From those that contributed to the jeans day through money or time off donations, to those that participated in a raffle held by a fellow co-worker; those that sent well wishes and prayers through email, Facebook, and cards; those that brought us meals and offered to watch the kids if we needed some time alone. So many of you that I pass in the hall offering a kind smile or hello, a “how’s everything going?”…..”can I help in any way?”……..have gotten me through this personal hell. Some days that I did not know if I had the strength to come into the office, I knew that I could rely on the strength of my family here at Embrace Home Loans.  I couldn’t be more fortunate to work in the company of such great and caring and compassionate people. You are all angels to us and we will never forget any of you for your generosity.

It is with great pleasure that I can share this information with all of you that we learned from Lori’s oncologist today, that the chemotherapy treatments she has been undergoing since January have been working and that the tumors in her body have shrunk tremendously and that with a few more months of treatment he believes he can put her into a state of remission, something he did not think was possible.
Her doctor says he has never seen this type of cancer have such a reaction to the chemo and he was astounded by her recent test results. This could offer her many more years with us than what was originally diagnosed.  We truly believe that all of your prayers that have surrounded our family with love and faith have played a part in the improvement of her health and well being. We prayed for more time together as a family; as a husband and wife; as a mother and as a daughter. Our prayers were answered with this news today. We have hope. Thank you all again for making a difference in the Sullivan family! Please continue to pray for Lori and all those like her that are fighting this terrible disease as we are still fighting. But we stand strong surrounded by all of you, our friends, and now our extended family! Sean Sullivan, Loan Officer - Newport, RI
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