Embrace Home Loans; "...people that really care."

Posted 04/04/2011 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest I wanted to drop a note on a very challenging matter from this week and the manner in which it was handled. We were processing a loan for a Veteran, with a current VA loan, and we found out the day before settlement he was not eligible for VA financing.  At this point, we were forced to change directions and go FHA.  The new program was disclosed at 5:30 the day before settlement.  In our current world of compliance and lending, this was no small matter.  The following people went above and beyond in helping our borrower get into his new home (if not he was without a place to live):  Claudia Mobilia, James Pratt, Peter Microulis, Cheryl Miller, Shelly Rance, Tracy Wick. Elizabeth Summers, Amy Cucolo, Paul Hrabec. It’s funny that when I talk to Loan Officers and they ask “Why Embrace Home Loans”, I think they find it hard to believe that we have people that really care. JB Joseph Beacher, VP |  Embrace Home Loans | Wilmington, DE Office  

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