Pat Shaw, Sr. Loan Officer "a true gentleman"!

Posted 09/16/2010 by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest Hi Pat (Shaw), I just wanted to know how things are preceding. I also wanted to give you my sincerest apologies about the "Cry Baby" episode. It just feels this past year I have been knocked down so many times and I'm tired of having to pull myself up time after time. In my entire life I have never had so many negative things happen to me at once. You were a true gentleman and professional in what was probably a very uncomfortable situation for you to have to deal with and the majority of the time, if not always, people get reamed out instead of complimented for how great they were in handling difficult people and defusing a bad situation. Thank you again, you have been so wonderful and it's been an honor working with you. Hopefully after the loan goes through for my home you will never have to cross paths with another nut case who cries at the drop of a hat. If you feel comfortable forwarding this email to your superior, please do because they need to know what a wonderful employee you are. Warmest Regards, Denise Baldwin

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