Chris Sipe ; Senior loan officer, Embrace Home Loans, Frederick, Md.

Posted 09/24/2010 by Anonymous New Article September 23, 2010 Mortgage Rate Trend Index: Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Chris Sipe ; Branch Manager, Embrace Home Loans, Frederick, Md. Knee-jerk reactions to conflicting market reports have introduced a lot of volatility the past two weeks. However, the Federal Reserve's comments Tuesday eased concerns about inflation while voicing concerns about slowing growth. Both are good for mortgage bonds and rates. I still think we are near a bottom in rates, but they should stay relatively unchanged in the near term on the Fed's guidance.
Chris Sipe; Branch Manager Frederick, MD Chris Sipe; Branch Manager Web Page: NMLS# 181278 email: phone: 301-712-9702 Branch: Frederick, 37 North Market Street, 2nd Floor, Frederick, MD21701 301-712-9700

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