Manny Raposo at Embrace Home Loans; "best holiday gift anyone could ever give me!"

Posted 9 November 2010 10:44 PM by Anonymous

Honor All Customers as Our Guest Good morning Manny (Raposo), Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough to express to you how happy you have made me.  I'm looking forward to closing today.  This is the best holiday gift anyone could ever give me.  You have taken so much pressure off of me.  I do not intend to repeat the same mistakes.  After I close, I plan to open a bottle of wine and have a credit card burning ceremony!  I'm looking forward to the coming holidays and a beautiful stress free New Year!!!  In such a short time, I feel as if I know you and yet I will miss you.  Again, thank you for making this venture painless.  Your customer service is not just professional but personal.  Thank you, thank you, thank you... Barbara J. W.,  Fayetteville, NC  

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