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Typewriter image of our company story

It's an electronic typewriter (for those of you who have never seen one).

In 1983, Dennis Hardiman watched the interest rates fall a whopping 5 points. This gave him a simple yet profound idea: Why not help people save money on their mortgages?

No one had ever heard of refinancing. If you had a mortgage, you kept it until you moved. There was no Google. No laptops. No cell phones. There were lots of houses.

It's hard to imagine, but with a couple yellow legal pads and one shiny Smith Corona, Embrace Home Loans was formed.

Today, we’re one of the nation’s top full-service mortgage lenders and bank support providers.

We employ over 800 people in locations across the country. We’re proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of people purchase, refinance, and consolidate high-interest debt. And our purpose hasn’t wavered — we’re committed to finding the best loan for each and every borrower. We believe you deserve it.

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